Get Motivated and You Will Exercise Longer!

Most of us want to exercise so that we can burn calories, lose weight and increase our overall health and fitness. But the biggest problem we all face in attempting to shed pounds is the day-to-day motivation. Let's face it.... Exercise IS boring.

Our virtual bike ride videos, filmed in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the US, will make the time you spend on an indoor exercise bike fly by!

Read the words of Janice, an actual customer, who wrote: "Love the County Clare, Ireland! I am spending significantly more time on my exercise bike."

And Margie, another customer who emailed, "I need more cycling DVD's...just love them!!!! Went to Argyll today and had too much fun telling the sheep to get out of the road and waved thanks to drivers who pulled off to the side of the road to let us by. The sheep are the size of cows; really wanted to stop on the shoreline for a picnic! This one is my favorite!!!! Thanks for a wonderful product!"

And C.D., who wrote, "Just biked through the entire DVD this am - beautiful scenery, loved the birdsong and the sheep noises throughout. First time I've been able to go that long on the bike, it felt SO good!"

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What Sets VITA DVDs Apart

Many of the DVDs advertised today are geared to the serious athlete. That's well and good for that market, and we applaud them.

But what about the rest of us? What about those of us who want to feel better about ourselves, shape up a little, lose weight, and improve our cardiovascular health?

We actually have you in mind when we film our VITA Bike videos.

Let's face it - not everyone is in training for a 50 mile bike race. Instead, a great many of us simply want to be healthier and feel good about ourselves.

Our mission is to help motivate the typical person who wants to lose weight and get healthy and fit.

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Our Videos Work For Joggers and Walkers,Too!

Many of our cycling videos will also work well for joggers. On the catalog page of we do clearly state the average speeds at which each video is filmed. Many of our cycling videos are filmed at speeds of 10-15 miles per hour, which will work for people who jog on their treadmills.

For people who walk on their treadmill, we also have an extensive line of Treadmill Virtual Walks. These treadmill videos are filmed at speeds that average around 3 miles per hour.

And all of our DVDs and HD downloads contain the natural sounds, in Dolby Stereo, just as they were recorded on site in each location: no coach, no techno music, just the soothing sounds of nature!

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